The quickest and easiest way to order and pay

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Why us?

Reduce bacterial spread

By avoiding sharing menus and terminals with guests, you significantly protect yourself and your guests against the spread of bacteria.

Increased additional sales

Send offers to your guests through the app, and remind them which cake is good for the coffee before the guest pays their bill.

More time for service

Automating some of the waiters' tasks gives the waiters more time to have fun with the guests and make a profit, even when they are busy.

Access to data

Get to know your guest better by accessing a valuable insights from habits and patterns.

Easy to order & pay

Guests easily pay their order via the Quickit app.During the entire guest's visit, it is possible to order, even when the waiters are busy.


In the app, the guest has the option to sort the dishes by allergens. It creates security for both guests and restaurants.

Management app

Management app is for waiters and restaurant staff where all the Quickit orders will pop up.

Step 1

Accept or decline the order...

Step 2

Print the ticket and prepare the order...

Step 3

Mark the order “done” on iPad, so the guest can get a notification...

Step 4

Serve the order or let the guest to pick it up...


About Quickit

Quickit developed from the need to reduce waiting times during busy periods at restaurants and now it has progressed into a concept that benefits the consumer experience, making it easier for guests to purchase what they desire, thus increasing the restaurants turnover. It has never been easier to order, and Quickit never forgets to ask if the guest wants more.

At Quickit, we believe that the personal service is still the best - for those who want and value this aspect of the experience. Therefore, we passionately believe that the combination of the traditional server and the virtual Quickit, is the perfect combination for those who want to accommodate their guests personal preferences.